Wednesday, August 08, 2012


There was an old children's cookbook that was in my mom's spice cabinet when I was a kid. I keep trying to find the same recipe of what I made then - and think this is pretty close.

10-15 minutes at 450 degrees. Start the oven early - so it gets to the hot temp. Mix 2 cups of flour into a bowl with 1 tsp salt and 3 tsps of baking powder. Mix that up well and break out the lumps. Put 1/3 cup of margarine (or butter, or oil - all make them taste different) in a separate bowl and mix in 3/4 cup of milk for cut or rolled biscuits OR 1 cup of milk for 'drop' biscuits which are crunchier. You can melt the butter beforehand if it is hard - so it mixes well with the milk, but if so put the milk from the measuring cup into the butter just before you put the wet and dry together - so the milk is not affected by the hot butter. Put the wet and dry together and mix until the proper consistency. If making rolled biscuits roll it out on a floured work surface and cut with a cutter - roll the last ones and smash flat at the edge of the pan. Place on pan with 1 inch spacing between each other - as they will expand. If making drop - mix up, grease a cookie sheet and drop them by the spoonful onto the sheet. Put pan in oven and bake until the tips of the top form a golden brown color - cut one open and see if they are done all the way inside.

Good with more butter and black raspberry jelly on top - my favorite :)

I need to find the right egg noodle recipe too - someday I'll need to pass them down and it is hard since I 'lost' all of those cards that I was given so many years ago and have to go hunting now and trial and error.

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