Thursday, August 09, 2012

Garden today

part of the harvest today

Lemon Boy tomato

The garden with water.. and weeds

Another shot of the garden greened up

Florida Speckled Lima Beans

The four on the right were one 'ear' of corn that had split and never developed kernels because of it. The one on the left just had no kernels in it. This was the end of what was out in the popcorn field (although I had harvested good ears a while back)

The Kitty goat doesn't mind malformed corn, and eats the small unformed ears

Grasshopper that made himself known..
what kind is he?

Dixie Speckled Butter pea lima beans

You can't see me. No, I said you couldn't see me! Don't take my picture!

This sorghum broomcorn was white and yellow a few weeks ago - and now it is ripening to reds and browns

puppies eating softened food
they sing and cry like they are complaining in between each bite
but that is most likely the evidence that they are coonhounds!

blue eyes reflecting

second harvest of the day after little girl ran to Grandma's house

I sorted some summer and fall seeds - dreaming of what could be and what it would take to get there. Ordered some other fall seeds this past week and they are now all finished and paid for - not much, six dollars worth for a few things we wanted to try more of. I think I am set for 'oh way too early' spring seeds - cabbage and peas etc... if we choose to do that next year.

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Linda ladeewolf said...

I was reading an article the other day on corn problems, they mentioned something called root worm? They said that it is really causing problems in the drought suffering states in the northern mid west. I thought maybe that could be the problem with your corn.
I am still fighting the battle of the squash bugs, My yellow squash are doing well sort of, but the Zucchini are not doing anything, I have sprayed and sprayed but they are still dying out, I hate pesticides but have had no luck with other methods.