Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Busy Wednesday

Got Esme to bed last night at 10:05 - accomplishment because it also meant getting her hair washed for school today. Got her up at 8 am and out the door just after 8:30. She was in a fairly good mood only had a little bit of fuss last night about her initial plan which was to get up early to wash her hair. I was willing to do it if she went to bed at 9:30... but no dice, she didn't like that option at all. So, we washed hair - I got her to get out of the bath quicker than she liked.. small fuss, in her room, play for thirty minutes - then small fuss before bed but she was in and lights out at 10:05. Mama feels like a sportscaster. Ha. But bedtime is going better than expected, knock on wood somewhere.

She is at school now, clothes are washing, lunch to be made - and I have to pick her up slightly early so I can make a 'golden drive' getting her from school, dropping her off here at home and trying to be at work on time. We'll see how that works... Daddy has caught our cold that we are half over, and it is not treating him kindly.

Esme's family drawing

I gave Esme paper the other night and asked her what she wanted to draw. She drew me - in the middle of the paper.. with my head all scrunched up against the top *hehe*. Then she drew herself, to the left. What looks like a nose is actually an ear - she drew ears on everyone in different odd places. Daddy is to the right of Mama and she was getting tired - but she added her dog Loula below in a brown marker.. and had a hard time deciding where to put the second eye because she had put the first one right in the middle. Mama just stayed (mostly) quiet and watched in fascination because I love seeing her mind at work. I did remind her about Loula having four legs, not three.. so she went back and added a fourth leg after she had affirmed to me the back one was a tail.


A bookcase I had ordered for her room and she watched me put together last night. She said she wanted to be the Walmart mailman, who would come and bring me a box - but she would put the tools in the box (so we wouldn't have to go to the garage to find them and turn on the light in the dark) and also if she was the Mailman she would put the toys in the picture in the box, too, for the Esme, because she liked those toys.

I found the unicorn she wants for her birthday.. have to remind myself to go back there and get it now that we have the goahead plan :)

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