Saturday, August 25, 2012

run by thoughts

Esme is getting a little bit of a cold. However, her attitude has been getting better with more routine, and she is accepting the routine a bit better. Bedtime DOES seem to be getting a little later though.. 11 to 11:30. She has discovered the My Little Pony new cartoons.. and she loves them. She wants a big brother like Shining Armor. Ha.

She had homework the other day - and we did it the next day She said it was just like her ladies at school ;) She wants to work - to be big and strong and help people with Mom, at work - like a big Mama. She is 'growing, I am working on it, see!' and will show me her eating her food or making a muscle (which she calls a triangle in her arm). Several days last week she helped Mark pick me up from work and got to put a few things away and push some carts into place. She said she wants to do what I do - fix faucets and bathtubs and toilets and pipes. She took a good long look at the pipes under our sink the other day as I told her which pipes made water come in and which went out. She was giving the pipes at work a good long look, too - to see which ones looked like them. She is upset she is too little to lift things at work but swears she could get help if she could just come with...

The other day she said "The old bathtub at night was full of balls, but it was a new bathtub now, and the balls were gone. Ir was a new one!" She has also asked if the next day we were new Mama and Daddy and Esme. I think she might need clarification on the idea of 'now' and 'then' vs. 'new' and 'old.' I know I overthink those ;) but I will try to pick a few books and stories that deal with the ideas.

Still not much work on the quilt. No sewing - but I am hoping tomorrow there will be time for that.

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