Monday, July 27, 2009


Esme is SUCH a cool kid. I mean it - we are so proud of her. This is maybe the fifth time she has ever been in water over her head (with waterwings on) and she is doing so well! We didn't even have to hold on to her today. She watched Daddy 'swim' around the pool a little and then had a pretty good idea how to do it herself. She was launching herself from one side of the pool to the other going 'WHEE' and blowing water with her mouth. We were impressed! She didn't want to get out again but we were freezing! It was warmer than yesterday but our fingers still tingled when we were warming up later.

Also cute - we showed her waterwings to her before we went outside. She held out her arm and then went 'pffft' with her mouth on her upper arm. I am constantly amazed by the things she knows how to say without words.

With words I could have sworn she said 'I watch t.v.' several times in the past few days. Today I started singing 'twinkle twinkle little star' to her downstairs and she said 'I watch t.v.' or something that sounded like it and wanted to go upstairs. We had watched The Wiggles song and she wanted to see it again when she heard the song. We don't watch t.v. that often and I definitely don't say 'watch t.v.' often - but she also has used this phrase on the computer to go see Youtube videos.

She devoured her pizza in record time and then fell asleep on her plate. It was a long hard active day for such a little one! She had even 'helped' Daddy bring the trash up to the road earlier in the day - trying her best to drag a trash bag and push the wheelbarrow. That is a lot of walking and swimming and stair-climbing she is doing every day now!

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Anonymous said...

She sounds so brilliant and busy and very brave to be jumping in water over her head!