Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cool Pool

We bought a kiddie pool today. It's eight feet across. It was too cold to even swim in today! We'll have to wait for tomorrow and hope it doesn't rain. Esme thought it was great - but I drug her out after a bit because our deep well water is so cold I was afraid she was going to get sick. She was so mad at me! I let her 'swim swim' in the bathtub for a little while afterwards (in lukewarm water).

So many new words lately. She tried to say motorcycle and Lespedeza and succeeded in saying quite a few other words she hasn't before, 'rock rock', 'swim swim', 'ball', balloon, slide, play, green, belly, 'what are you doing?' and a few others. Our little girl is breaking out of her comfortable vocabulary and trying to say a lot of new things! You should have seen her trying to talk to a lady about getting fried chicken and to the lady at the fabric counter about her coco milk and pretty shoes and the fabric etc etc...

No 'toucan' yet but she has pointed at her shirt several times and then wanted me to say the word.

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ElizabethE said...

Love it! We also got a pool yesterday. I think it is a little bit smaller than yours. We had the same issue where we filled it with water (from the hose), but it was so cold that I didn't let Emily stay in too long. Next time, I am going to fill it up and let it warm up for awhile before we go in.

I didn't get any pics because our camera wasn't charged up, but I will get some next time.