Sunday, July 19, 2009

after work and before bed

I heard Esme say a few new words today - 'bread', 'monkey' and 'wawa' (water) as well as calling the letter 'w' 'wah' and saying some long repetition of 'zuhzuhzuh zee!' for the zebras. She was so talkative tonight. That's a lot of new words she was saving up - although this probably isn't the first day she has said them, just the first day I've caught them.

Used her own spoon for the sloppyjoe rice at dinner. She washed her belly and toes for me in the bathtub with soap, and instructed me which shampoo to use on her by saying 'monkey' the word instead of 'oo oo oo' the monkey sound. We watched Youtube videos of little kids playing at playgrounds and she was SO EXCITED to see the kids on the slides (like she played yesterday) - I could see her egging them on to get up the steps and go down the slide 'whee!' Very very cute. We played Starfall for a while and read a new (used) book from the library sale before time for bed.

Tomorrow we have town things to do...

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