Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bouncing and Sliding

We brought Esme to a bouncey castle event - but didn't stay very long. Esme was very scared of it. It didn't feel right under her feet. She liked watching the other kids bounce up and down - but freaked out when she began to bounce too. They had an inflatable alligator slide which Mark took her down a few times - but again, she was too scared of the unsteadiness. If the other kids hadn't been in such a rush to go up and go down as many times as possible Esme would have loved to talk to them more.

So - we took her to the playground across the street - where there were just a few kids with their family camping. She LOVES slides - just not inflatable bouncey slides. She was screaming 'whee!' and going up and down the stairs like a mad hatter. She got the concepts of needing to go up the stairs after a few tries - and we've got to work on the 'sit on your bottom' before going headlong down the slide part. She also got to try out a swing and was holding on pretty well (very slowly tiny swings with Mark standing in front of her and me sitting on the ground behind her in case she fell off forwards or backwards. She again cried out WHEE a lot and was amazed at other kids swinging beside us.

She did NOT want to go in her car seat to go home - kept saying 'whee.' And all the way home she would alternate between saying 'chicken' and sticking her tongue out at me (hungry - put food here). She thinks we get fried chicken now when we go in the car now because we sometimes get it near our post office. The funniest part happened later as I was cooking chicken sticks for dinner. She drug out her old baby bathtub into the middle of the floor and started miming slide-like actions on it. She was giving a very good pantomime aimed at Iggy our puppy. It was an amazing sight - wish I'd been able to video tape it. The puppy of course, couldn't have cared less about the lesson and just wanted to stare at the stove and get some food.

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