Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A few things

We went to the flea market with Esme yesterday, and she met a little friend. The girl was a few months older than Esme, more verbal but about the same size. The little girl kept saying 'hi baby' to her, because she was in a stroller. She gave Esme a flower, and Esme gave it back when I asked her to. I let Esme out of the stroller and she wanted to hug the girl - and knocked her right over! I explained that Esme had only ever hugged 'big' people, who never fell over when she hugged them. We said we were sorry and then they began examining each other, things around them - it was so cute to watch. They found a pile of hubcaps at the next booth and were counting pegs on them, looking at the letters on them, trying to pick them up etc... it was so sad when we had to go. Esme really wants little friends - but we don't know anyone around here well enough who has little ones. I think I'll take her to the library again on my days off. An older girl tried to 'teach Esme to read' the last time we were there.

Last night after I got home I brought Esme to the kitchen for a snack. She kept pointing at the wall behind me and saying 'kitty.' I didn't see a cat anywhere - especially not behind me. Esme had me a little creeped out, until I finally noticed what she was talking about. There was a SPIDER that had built a web between the chair and the wall! The Spider wasn't tiny but he wasn't huge either - and yet she saw him and wanted to point him out to me somehow. She was very very upset though when I said we shouldn't bother the spider and should go do something else. She really wanted to 'talk' to the spider now that Mom had acknowledged it was there.

She also wanted lots of snacks - everything on the table of course ;) She would ask for 'chee' (cheerios) and I would say 'yes, we can have some of those' and give her a few. Then she would eat one and ask for something else. I said 'no' to a lot of things but she kept asking. I then said 'yes' to some graham crackers. She ate a bit of graham cracker then went through the list of things she had asked for by pointing to each item and saying 'yes' or 'no' while checking with me to see if the status had changed. So funny! That is the first time I've heard her repeat 'no' for a while now.

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