Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Lounge pants

When I'm home I usually just wear a pair of drawstring 'lounge' or 'yoga' pants instead of jeans. But I've been looking for a sewing pattern to make my own for a while. I saw one for 2.99 that would be alterable for what I wanted.

This took a while yesterday (including a power outage) - but here is my first pair from the (altered) pattern. We'll have to see if they survive the wash - the grey fabric was a 1.00 a yard fabric stashed last year and may or may not be strong enough for the stitches. Any way - it is a good experience and I can make a second pair out of better fabric if this doesn't work out.

The red, white and black fabric is Michael Miller 'First Sight / First Village' - which is actually made (I found out) to be high-contrast for young babies. It was so cute I couldn't resist it at Gwenifer's Attic on Etsy. I usually save the 'cute' fabrics to use for Esme's clothes - but after making a mistake on the seam allowance on these pants I added the panels to make them more like 'yoga' pants.

Esme and I were going to go up to Grandma's house this afternoon but Esme decided instead to dive into a mud puddle up to her knees. I cleaned her up and put her down for a nap while I make lunch. I guess we'll try a visit after that.

Note: A few things I'm proud of Esme for doing lately. She has learned to put her spoons and plastic cups in the sink by herself when she is done. She will throw things away for us if we ask. She is getting so much better with a spoon all by herself but not a lot more luck with a 'big girl' cup. She tried to wash her own face in the bathtub last night when she was full of spaghetti sauce. She still HATES me to wash her face with anything - but she is trying to learn to do it herself. She will also go to dry her hands on the hand towel after we help her wash them at the sink. I think that's all pretty cool for a not quite 21 month old! And - she is finally learning to help take her own clothes off as well as pull her pants up after a change. The 'What to Expect' book says they should be doing this at eighteen months - but she didn't show any interest in trying until just recently.

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