Saturday, August 01, 2009

bits and bobs

Esme has let a few new words out again - 'socks', 'shirt', 'zigzag', 'ostrich' - probably a few more she's holding back still. We were working on the difference between S and X and V and Z tonight. 'O' is currently her all-time favorite letter to point to. She can put her own elastic-strap shoes on now and is trying hard to put a shirt on over her head. She is attempting longer complicated words which I'm proud of her for! I tried to skip over the 'zigzag' song on Starfall and she pointed back at the Z and said 'zigzag' clear enough that I got it - so we went back and played the song. She was putting her head on my knee over and over, so I asked her if she wanted to go 'nigh-nigh.' She slowly got up and walked over to her bed. No complaint when I put her in - so nice!

I have tomorrow off and it should be warm enough to swim again. We also need to run to restock our freezer. I've tried to arrange a playdate on Friday with someone from my work who has a daughter two months older than Esme. It should be a really great match! We'll see if it goes through.

I have been really stressed with the atmosphere at work lately - inventory is coming and we are also short-staffed. Also with several back-to-back shifts (close one night then morning shift the next) I feel like I hardly have seen Esme before I have to go to sleep and back to work before she wakes up. I want to scream 'I want my baby!' in the middle of the warehouse and freeze everyone there so I can drive home and not be missed while I spend time with her. I know that isn't possible - and I just hold it all back until I finally do get to go home. Sometimes on my lunch break I'll sneak in a text message to Mark that 'I miss my Esme.'

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ElizabethE said...

Most days, I have to leave in the morning before Emily gets up. It kills me. But that is just the schedule that works for us. So, I feel your pain!! I miss my baby!