Sunday, August 16, 2009

Everyday things as toys -- things I'm looking for

There are a few 'everyday' type things I am looking for to give Esme. I've been thinking about her 2nd birthday coming up in two months. Mark and I were looking at a word spelling toy at WM but I think I want to do a few smaller items that will teach her some other skills and cater to her interests.

1.) A sprinkler watering can. She loves water and I've been keeping my eyes open to find one like I want for her (and that doesn't cost 6 bucks!) - with the disk with the tiny holes where the water comes out. I've looked a little and only found the spout type. I did find a squeeze 'n' spray bottle she is playing with in the bathtub. I'd like to show her to water flowers outside etc etc... with her own little can. Might hit the dollar store for this and probably Rural King someday too.

2.) Baby feeding bottles that tip upside-down and the milk seems to 'go away' FOUND this and ordered it for her. I had bought some empty 'ketchup' squeeze bottles at WM and she quickly picked up on feeding her dolly with it. I think she'll love the pretend milk bottles even more! All of the ones like it I had seen in the toy section were super-tiny - the ones I ordered were 5 inches tall. Also she is really taking to her dolly more - I need to sew it some little elastic pants to take on and off or make a velcro diaper etc... so she can practice dressing her dolly as her own clothes are still mostly too hard for her to get on and off.

3.) An old but decent wallet that zips and snaps. I'm going to hit the thrift store for this. She got SO mad the other day she discovered my wallet again and was playing with the cards and snap and trying the zipper -- she needs an 'Esme' one that I don't have to worry about what she is pulling out/losing etc.

4.) Thinking about some big plastic coins in colors that are tough to lose and not easy to try to 'eat'. She loves putting the disks from her old baby bottles (that keep milk from leaking) in and out of the trunk of her 'car'. But there are only four of them and three of them are blue - want to expand on this idea and have more colors/options for her to count identify etc.

Otherwise for her birthday I'm thinking make a cake, ask Grandma and Grandpa to come over (or go up there) and sit her around a table and take pictures etc etc.. the gift ideas I'm coming up with will probably be given to her as I find them with one item saved to unwrap at her 'party.' I have the day off and I'm not overplanning it - just thinking about what would be a nice observance and give her an idea of what 'birthday' is.

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Ladeewolf said...

Those sound like good things for her to play with. They have much more imagination than some of the junk they push so hard now. Esme is growing so fast, she looks so cute too. Hope the job is going well other than the nightmares. I used to have nightmares when I worked too, I built boxes all night though, and woke up with sore hands from it.