Thursday, August 13, 2009

Car and Dolly and go to Grandmas

For Grandpa and Grandma: Esme playing on her 'car'

Mark found this toy car at a rummage sale for 3.00 the day I had to go to the doctors. Esme loves it - and we keep it in the kitchen by her slide for her to push around. It has a 'trunk' in front where she is keeping letters from the fridge, some plastic disks etc etc...

Esme howling the moment she heard Daddy coming down the stairs with the dogs. Just before this she had been showing me that the '2' on the fridge was also on a cardboard box.

Going to Grandma's - can we come in?

I've been trying to get Esme to carry her dolly more and 'take care' of it. I want to encourage more pretend play and am often telling her I carry you - you carry dolly, you go for a nap, dolly goes for a nap etc etc... We gave the dolly a bath the other day in the sink (although it went in the washing machine after that when she wasn't looking). I'm not preparing her for a sibling, just want to encourage Esme to use her imagination and symbolic play more since most of her play is 'bang/boom/run around' or building or drawing.

Want a snack right here. Got to work on the please!

Drink from a straw

walk back home carrying dolly all the way

As if that wasn't a big enough day we then went to the co-op to get dog food, and the bank, and the grocery store to get milk and chicken. At the co-op the lady showed us some kittens who live in the back. An orange and a black kitten, both who loved to be petted and were very lazily sleeping on some boxes. Thank you for showing us the kittens! (we know you read the blog). The lady at the bank gave us two stickers which we held all the way to the grocery store.

At home Daddy made sloppy joe rice (our favorite) and it was such a mess that a bath was completely required afterwards. Then Daddy rented 'Horton Hears a Who' on Grandma's reccommendation. It was really good and we laughed a lot.


Rhiannon said...

Lots of great cute pictures. Enjoy your day off tomorrow!!

ElizabethE said...

Sounds like a great day.

"and it was such a mess that a bath was completely required afterwards"

Oh yeah - I can totally relate to that with Emily!!