Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I have a bossy toddler

Esme is smart. That is not always good for me, because she is also highly unreasonable. She thinks she always knows what comes next - and gets upset when things don't follow the pattern she has memorized.

Today she devised her usual plan to try to go outside. She brought her shoes to Daddy - who put them on her. She then brought Daddy his shoes - which he put away on the shelf. She got mad. That wasn't what she wanted. I had my shoes on to go downstairs so she found me an 'outside shirt' (not a tank top). I put it back on the shelf. She got mad. She threw a big fit right by the outside door because she wanted to go outside and we weren't cooperating with her plan.

So I took her downstairs so I could clean some things. After I swept the floor that was fine. She knows all those steps. But then I started to clean the bathtub - and she told me she wanted her 'pretty off' (shoes off) and her 'shishi off' (shirt off) so she could 'tub bathtub!'. I said No and kept washing the bathtub. She got mad again and threw another fit.

I know I can avoid tantrums by doing what she expects - but life isn't going to be like that everywhere. She needs to learn that people do different things that look like things she knows but aren't always the same. I'll just have to put up with shrieking in my ear until she learns the new things enough to want to help out. HAHA

In other news I did get quite a few things done, including her alphabet sundress that has been sitting there forever half-made.

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