Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Toy and Puppet Links

I'm sitting here with a Sally cat warming my lap - and browsing around a bit.

Blog Find : Wol & Zo, if you can't read Dutch, you can definitely enjoy her pictures. Check out the 'Olmies' Art Dolls, especially! Personally, I find Dutch pretty close to German, which I studied in College. I can read maybe 50% of her first post just from that. If you need it - Babelfish can translate blocks of text from Dutch to English (with limited accuracy).

Morphe II : I've heard a lot about this - and know some of the crafters in it (Hi Marci - I see your birds there!) Check out their group toy shop!

Oh and my toymaking follows an odd vein I was thinking about lately. As a kid - I wanted to work for ILM (Industrial Lights and Magic). I'm sure a lot of kids dream about that ;o) In high school, I was in the puppeteering group - performing for younger kids at school shows. I was thinking in this line because while sewing one of my aliens at the dentist office a week or so ago, a lady next to me started saying how they look like muppets and her son was a puppeteer at a local church ;o)

Puppet Links:
Great puppetmaker's site I found and a guy I met on Flickr S.W.Johnson who makes puppets for Jim Henson's company (I think). He has some great puppet construction photos in his queue and also pics of puppets being operated by puppeteers!


Chris said...

I wish my cats would sit on my lap while I was on the computer. Chaos wouldn't fit - only when I'm in the chair with my legs on the ottoman...

Lynn said...

OMG I was a puppeteer too! I was in a Marionette troup. I have collectable marionettes by Pelham Puppets.
We used hand puppets as the announcers for the show.
We had a portable stage.