Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Almost there...

We've been working almost straight since Thursday night on this project. Now we're just waiting on the software company to walk the manager through the installation of some proprietary software.

And here is the final result.. from the server end. These wires can be neatened up later - they are out of sight in the office. Each one of those little white boxes represents two lines of CAT-5 dragged down through the wall and across about 20 feet of wall on the other side.

Lynn sent Mr.J and me a wonderful package from Canada! I'll have to get pictures of it tomorrow - but Wow, thank you Lynn! CarrieK also sent a nice card from California. Thank you Carrie!

Squint Update : Kellen says he is over 5 lbs now! Can you believe that?? He is also going in for his 'surgery' soon -- wow, what a big boy he is getting to be!

Some assorted pictures from the weekend ...

Two shawl pins for my grey shawl.
Each one is about 2 inches long.
The one I had used for my green shawl
kept coming undone!

Sally cat thinks said shawl is her cat bed at night...

The moon in a pretty halo.
It was gorgeous Saturday night - this picture doesn't do it justice.

Jesse gets the stitches out of his hand today - and probably a new cast put on. That happens about an hour from now.


Anonymous said...

At least the card finally got there. Sorry about the delay! I suck at mailing things.

New cast and good news for Mr J, I hope! Make him take it easy, but you too, RheLynn.

Those shawl pins are really cute. That top one is a lizard? It's really different. Where did you find them?

Chris said...

Cool shawl pins!! And glad to hear that the work stuff sounds like it's maybe winding down?!

Lynn said...

Hey lots of stuff! I can't believe the other stuff you fit in besides work since Thursday. I am so behind in my blogging. Got in to a knitting snag. I fixed it, but it meant starting over. Perhaps I will have it done for Wordless Wednesday pics.

Glad you guys liked the package! Isn't that little charm just all you!? I got one for me too. I attached it to my antiquie knitting scissors in a pewter necklace carrier.

Oh I should show that tomorrow too!

I like the look of Mr J's wrist. It looks very stable. As the motherly worrier I am I would wonder if he needs to bump up his calcium. He is tall and sometimes tall people depleat easily. Can you ask him to consider calcium rich food or supplement?

RheLynn said...

He does need to up the calcium, for other reasons too.

I had staked out the shawl pins on Ebay with very small bids a few weeks ago before all this happened. I ended up winning both of them. The ceramic and enamel one on top is a fish/sea serpent sort of creature as far as we can guess... different but neat!

Obsidian Kitten said...

big Squint! YAYYYYY Squint (my hero!!!)

and love the shawl, great colors