Friday, November 10, 2006

Package from Lynn

Linky: Garfield cartoon with knitting

Of course, Sally has to investigate

Mr.J had to bring me home sick a few nights ago, and the doctor says I'll be down for a few days to a week. They loaded me with medication, and I should be better by Monday, or its back to the doctor I go. To distract everyone from my terrible posting lapses lately - here is the wonderful package Lynn sent me from Canada!

She sent vegan and vegetarian goodies, some unique Savoury from Newfoundland (very special!), vintage knitting books (LOVE the socks one!) and handmade goodies for the girls too! Sally already has one of the rattle toys off in the kitchen somewhere. I might have to get it out from under the dishwasher for her soon :)

Look, Knit owls! They're so cute!

A pretty little silver knitting charm!

Thank you Lynn! It is such a wonderful package and it came at a great time :o) I'll have to make TVP chili for Mr.J now when I feel better! He loves TVP chili!

Since I've got some downtime, this will be a new pair of slippers. Maybe I'll catch up on my laundry too ... it always falls behind when we're working.

Blog Linky: Knitting Thoughts has good sock tips up today!


Lynn said...

Hey cool! It all looks like it came through the mail in good shape too! I believe it arrived on Monday and it was supposed to arrive on Wednesday, so the package had Wings! Isn't the zipper pull cute!? OMG I found some different ones last night! Now if I get a chance to browse around shops I look for little things like that for blog exchanges and stuff. Never know when they are gonna come in handy! My newest aquisition was 4 Chineese lucky cat buttons that look like the fat chineese cats made of porcelain in most oriental restaurants and shops! I will make something for Al and Amber and use those. I am gonna post some knitting tips on the blog and use some videos I made. My friend is coming over a few times a week to get knitting help. She keeps forgetting the steps so she and I made some very short instruction videos so she can refrence them as she needs them in my blog. Have a good weekend. Acid Acid!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Aw! I'm so sorry you aren't feeling well! I'm wishing you a very speedy recovery and in the meantime relax and knit! It's good medicine!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry you aren't feeling well. Taking it easy and knitting should do the trick!

RheLynn said...

CarrieK: Thanks I was over to Purplexity's blog when they were just born (via Peeve) but they are getting SO BIG! Thanks for the reminder to go and see all the kitten cuteness that happened in the last month :o) I see they all have homes too! How cool is that?

Lynn: Thanks too! I'm taking your advice and I think the worst was over -- or at least I hope so. Last night I had a migraine added on top of it, so I'm now just counting my lucky stars!

Jennifer said...

I hope you feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

Knit Owls!! So cute!

Now go rest and get better.

Lynn said...

RheLynn I took a screen shot of the charm to link you up for my post. If you don't like it I will take it off.

Katherine said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, and for the link. I'm glad I found your site. You are bookmarked, so I'll be back.

Sorry you are not well. Hope you are feeling great soon!

Chris said...

Hope you're ok and feeling better!

The Bashams said...

Oh I just got a chance to check in with you after a busy few days and saw that you have been sick. Hope you are back up to par and back to work this week. You picked some good movies for the weekend. Of course, I could just sit and watch John Cusack for hours no matter what the movie.
Feel better!