Tuesday, November 28, 2006

shoot for the sky, maybe.

My time has been put in a pinch, and it's really hard to get done everything I used to, and all of this added on!

So - I'm calling for radio ads, and newspaper ads, and printing business cards, getting new mailboxes and phone numbers set up - and we're all holding mini-meetings about 'what do we do today to keep on track.' Busy. "Need to start getting up earlier just to keep up" busy. "Where's lunch today Rhe? Don't know - what's lunch Mr.J?" busy.

I've still got two orders to finish for the toy shop, as well.

OK, done complaining.. no wait, and I couldn't get my ears pierced last night because my ID was lost (temporarily) and the lady wouldn't believe I was over 18. compliment or insult? not sure. no more time today for it :o(


Jeanne said...

Compliment. Definately a compliment, 'cause when you are 40, you'll still look 30. Then it's a good thing without question.

Lynn said...

Yep Compliment for sure.
You will appreciate it when you are 40!

Chris said...

Compliment!!! Hang in there. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh a big fat juicy compliment!! Work it, baby!

mrspao said...

I was asked for ID when we went to the US 5 years ago which amused me no end as I was 27 at the time!! :) So definitely a compliment. Hope you get less busy soon!!