Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Godzilla Cardinal Attacks!

my early morning photoshop skills are somewhat lacking..
but you get the picture

Ignore the title of this post, we all have strange nightmares once in a while, right? Mine tend, on the average, to be weirder than most. But - if you do happpen to see a Godzilla-sized Cardinal in your forest throwing around vehicles like a tornado - let me know, we might have an infestation, or I might just be overtired. ...

Thanks again, everyone, for the supportive comments yesterday. Our little three-person business has split off from it's parent corporation and it's sink-or-swim time here in the boondocks. It's nice living in the boondocks, until you have to go out and get customers! I should qualify for a degree in advertising after this is through ;o)

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For the record: I saw this meme at Stumbling Over Chaos blog.

My partner in Lynn's Three Pin Shuffle is RennyBA, from Norway! How exciting! Go see his pictures of his trip to Brussels!

**The KnitOwl is off to work
with a large can of Anti-Godzilla-Cardinal Spray.**


Anonymous said...

I tend to have rather insane dreams too, but no giant cardinals this month. Although there was a giant shoe in one recently.

Lynn said...

oh yep bad dreams are wild in my house too!

I still have a hard time figuring out the business end of what you guys do. I can make a good guess...I think I know then you say something and I get mixed up. I take it you do this support for a company that supported the non profit co.
Now you are above water and busy enough for the little one it was time to break off and make a go of it!
Once the break-off happens it means lots of extra work for everyone in the small co. cuz extra hands are too expensive to hire.
I will wish you all a busy time, but I hope it is a happy one. Happy and busy go well together

RheLynn said...

Lynn: The business end is changing some - take a look at SovereignIT to see our new direction. We're not exactly above water - at least not yet - we're kind of 'treading water' right now.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Taking a huge business leap sounds daunting and fun!!! Good luck!! I know your hard work will pay off.

Chris said...

LOL - I love your rendition of your dream! And I can definitely understand why work has been so stressful lately - starting your own business is a big deal. Congrats!

RennyBA said...

This is just beyond my dream capability LoL!

Thanks for plugging me - the pins are on your way:-)

Jennifer said...

Woh, that is one crazy dream!