Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Sally and Willow: Picture Day!

A bit of sad news
7/4 black kitty is dead. The neighbor lady who has Tux's two brothers found her dead on the back porch last night, probably hit by a car. They had been looking for her for a week now, and wanted to bring her inside with her brothers.

She has filed a police report, as she thought someone had done it because of Halloween. There was an article about keeping black animals inside in our local paper - and they couldn't find her that day. The lady said the poor kitty was pretty torn up. :o( :o_( She was a sweet little girl who let me pet her a few times and talked to me a lot. Even the times when she was too worried to let me pet her, she would come and walk around my legs, meow at me and then 'dance' away with her tail up.

So, I'm loving up my girls - and had a picture-taking fest with them this morning. They go for their yearly vet check-up and boosters on the 17th. I am so glad they are healthy and safe with us.

Sally Smiling c. Marie Winger-Meyer
Sally smiles for the camera

Willow with her Fishie c. Marie Winger-Meyer
Bite that fishie!

Sally Fishie Bite c. Marie Winger-Meyer
Sally: I've got it now!

Stuff on my Willow c. Marie Winger-Meyer
Willow: Mom, did you have to?

Sally pretty girl c. Marie Winger-Meyer
Pretty girl Sally!

Willow Tangle c. Marie Winger-Meyer
Willow is a bit tied up right now...

I'll have pictures of Lynn's wonderful package later tonight - there are still some email, printing and server things to clear up on the work project. CarrieK: Watch your mailbox!


Kelly said...

Willow, so cute. I love your kitty pictures.

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about the black kitty. I'm off to give my kitties some extra love, too.

Chris said...

Oh, poor black kitty. :( Off to squeeze and play with my black kitties.

Cute pictures of your girls!

Lynn said...

I would be extra attentive to the kitties too if I was there and found out Tux is dead.
Just when everyone was excited about her still being around.

Obsidian Kitten said...

oh i looooove the pics!

and poor lil black kitten.
you know how i love the lil black kitties...

mrspao said...

Poor black kitty - she sounded sweet. I'm going to give M and J extra love when I get home.

The girls look gorgeous and loved.

Anonymous said...

Aww. that's so sad about 7/4 black kitty.

Cute pix of your kitties!

And aw, geez.

Anonymous said...

So sad about the kitty. Everytime I see an unfortunate feline along the side of the road, I am again reminded of why my babies stay inside at all times. The outside world is just too scary and difficult for animals.

Lynn said...

Oh RheLynn come back to my blog. I got your comment before I finished the post. I have a video of my friend's song.