Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Tale of the Irresistable Critter Blanket

See Finished Critter Blanket

See Sally attack finished Critter Blanket.

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Willow: I'm innocent - totally! It's the truth this time!

Sally has drug the blanket off the table three times now - I really shouldn't have used the girls' favourite knit mousie yarn for it! A coworker gave me a whole box of Dazzleaire yarn LAST Fourth of July and up until this blanket all I've used it for is a pink bunny toy and other kitty toys for the girls.

But - the blanket is finally done and ready to go in the mail. The amateur crochet edging was to add an extra inch to each side.

We're almost done with the cleaning at work, and now comes the really heavy moving - desks, computers, couches and tables etc etc. In any spare time (I still have to get my webpage work done each day too) I am totally and completely addicted to playing Cubis and Cubis 2 on Yahoo Games.

Well - not completely! But my arms and fingers aren't much into the detail work of knitting or sewing for hours. I added one row to my Theatre Shawl, total, this entire week. Last night I caught some great jazz music on the NPR station and filled page after page of typing paper with animal sketches and a bit of poetry.


Jennifer said...

What a wonderful critter blanket. It sounds like the kitties have put their stamp of approval on it!

Carrie K said...

Pretty critter blanket! I'd be dragging it off myself.

I love that poem, RheLynn. You're so darn talented!

Chris said...

It's obviously an excellent critter blanket, since it's gotten such approval! It will make some kitty very happy. :)

Kimbre said...

Good gravy, woman, is there no end to your talents! Lovely poem! I love poetry, but any knack I had for it went right out the window once my teen years were over! ;)

RheLynn said...

Thanks everyone! The critter blanket is making it's way for Abner and Basil's approval now :o)

ahh.. jack of all trades, master of not a single one... I guess it isn't a bad philosophy in life. I'm glad you liked the poem though!