Friday, July 07, 2006


A week ago we were thinking of planting more, because there was so little production. But now - heaps and heaps of squash! - white patty pan, yellow straightneck and zucchini! We have a lot of squash on the menu for this weekend ;o) I also picked a heaping handful of fresh green basil from only a few plants - and there will be much more next week. I love the smell of fresh basil!

White Patty Pan Squash
Letting this one grow.

Willow says: Squash on the Menu? For me too?

Actually she is hiding in a corner from Sallymander, because Sally really wants to play. When Sally gets excited she zooms around like a stampede of spider monkeys. Willow usually hides until the 'kitty tornado' calms down, then she'll play. She is the 'calm laid-back*' one while Sally is the 'Toy! Pyscho Attack!' kitty.
For the Weekend:
UPDATE: She's Done!

Working on Purple Kitty toy - almost done. There is another batch of Alien Monster Dolls coming as BettyJoy (a UK online craft store similar to Mahar Dry Goods) has said they might be interested in some for their August shipment. That is a maybe, but I'm willing to have them ready just in case :o) The next art group meeting is on Monday night - but the theme is 'Historic Paris(city)/Henry(county),' so I'll just go to watch and talk! Hard to fit a toy into that theme!
*Did I say laid-back? Some days she is more like 'Nope, not moving. Scrape me up on a spatula first - unless you have food or my favourite toy! Then - Watch Out! Here I come!'


Yarn Collectors Anonymous said...

I am SOOOO jealous of your garden!! We built 7 years in the woods, cleared off space for my garden..thinking the yard would be compost heaven, envisioning record breaking produce....but we have know...not dirt, not rocks..CHURT! 7 YEARS and even the weeds don't grow!! Keep your pictures coming for those of us that love to garden but can't!

Jennifer said...

Mmmm, fresh basil. I love that scent.

I've battened down the hatches for the alien invasion! :-)

Chris said...

Oh, I'll keep my fingers crossed for the BettyJoy thing! :)

Mmmmm... petit pan...

susan said...

Awesome garden!

I have a toy idea for your art meeting: historic dolls! Do a little research about dolls of the period and maybe recreate a face/head, body, clothes or the whole enchilada!

Kimbre said...

I am such a terrible gardener! I've tried and tried (they say remembering to water things helps!) but I can't seem to produce much! Your garden sounds yummy (LOVE squash!) and your knitted kitty (as well as Willow, of course) is adorable!
Have a great weekend!

Carrie K said...

Yum, squash! I have a great recipe that uses pounds of zucchini, if you're interested. By the end of the season, one or two ain't gonna make a dent.

Our tomatos are almost ready! I can't wait.

At least yours play. Hez stared at me like I was a zoo animal when I tried to play with her at first. She still would rather capture the prey and cart it off than chase it around.

Obsidian Kitten said...

yay, squash! (i've never seen patty pan before) looks great...sometimes Grey Cat will eat a little pumpkin, or some squash. and sometimes corn on the cob. he's weird.

and now i have such a clear picture of your girls -- 'stampede of spider monkeys' -- heehee!

Calico kitty came out so well, i love your toys!