Monday, July 24, 2006

Brown Sock Progress

Blurry Willowpede not included

The white yarn is 20% angora and mostly lambswool. It is a recycled yarn from Ebay. The brown yarn is KnitPicks Shadow merino lace yarn. At the moment, I didn't have much luck with fine lace, so experimentation yielded this! I combined the two very fine yarns to make one sock-weight yarn, and it is becoming such a yummy sock!

The resulting fabric is warm, squishy, slightly fuzzy and so soft. I can't wait to wear these in shoes during the Fall and Winter.

I think my gusset technique is improving some, but better documentation is needed. I might even think about asking Mr.J for two circs for Christmas, as the ladders are beginning to get annoying in these smaller gauge, fine yarns.


Jennifer said...

What a great idea to combine yarns for socks! They look great.

Chris said...

They sound like they'll be toasty warm - but handwash only. :) Which is how I'm mostly doing all my socks these days because - superwash can shrink. Who knew?

linda said...

The socks look so comfy, I have so much trouble with gussets, they are always so loose. I have been trying the short row heel. I need to make pair number three, almost had the bugs worked out in pair number two-maybe number three will be the one where I achieve perfection.LoL

Carrie K said...

Pretty! and verrrrrry comfy looking.

I handwash mine too, it's just safer.

Rhiannon said...

I love the brown and cream color combo... one of my faves!! The socks look great. I love the sock over sock look!