Thursday, January 12, 2006

Knitting pictures

We are still working on finishing the house at the office. I took some photos of the kittens and the workshop the other day on the office digital camera. I was able to sneak in knitting pictures too ;o)

Willow with an odd expressionSally looks at a paintbrush
Pink knit bunnyRed mini-cable socks

Willowpede prances
I love Willow's expression -- she was watching a moth on the ceiling. Sally was investigating the tools on one of the work tables. The pink bunny is pretty beat up (from the car ride), but here she finally makes her appearance. My red socks (finally!) Willowpede prances across the counter as I take workshop photos.


Too funny -- Year of the dog pictures
This mommy-cat has her paws full!
A news article on how to make stuffed-animals from sketches.

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Chris said...

Your socks look great! I love Willow's moth tracking expression, too, as well as Sally's stalking.