Sunday, January 29, 2006

Make the best of it, I guess...

Most of my afternoon was spent in migraine-land.

I won't go into long gruesome details, but my cold might have mutated, or not. It might have been the headache that made me nauseous+++, to say the very least, I was extremely unhappy.

But - on to less depressing things. Luckily my migraines, rare though they are, gift me briefly with an overly 'sensitive' sense of smell. This is not always a lucky talent -- but today I took advantage of it. After the worst of the headache had subsided I had J take me to the produce section at the grocery store. **evil grin** I can't explain the sensation of everything coming at me at once, but it was deliciously good. Several ripe plums won out, along with some garlic and pineapple (odd combinations.. you would think I was pregnant, not sick!)

The other thing migraines are good for, I found out today, is working on the puzzle. Some subconscious part of my brain understood where things went a lot better than the rest of me did! You would never think a person with a headache could make that kind of progress on a red/yellow/brown puzzle! Finally, I fell asleep. This was before the grocery store excursion.

J also got his hands on a copy of 'Omohide poro poro', or translated -- Memories of Yesterday. This was an extremely sweet Japanese movie. J said it 'warmed his soul'... not a lot of movies can do that.

And now - at least for now - I feel better. So I am thinking it was probably just a really bad headache case. Time will tell. It's time for bed.

Hope your day went better!


Chris said...

Hey, you're the only other person I know of with migraines that make her sense of smell more acute! I don't usually have the fun of it that you did - usually smells just compound to make me feel more queasy than I would be from just having a migraine.

Hope you wake up headache free today!!

RheLynn said...

Oh :o( You have them too!?? I hope yours don't come often either...

No headache today. I'm being careful though.

I drank a small dose of ginger/chamomile tea, after the 'unhappy' part, which helped. Then I draped myself over the puzzle table for about an hour until I couldn't stand up ;o)

fun fun, eh?

I thought the acute sense of smell (good word) was pretty rare too. When I start talking about it, J gets scared, thinking maybe its not a migraine... I think someone told him it sounded like something else.

Chris said...

Alas, I get probably 3-5 migraines/month. This stomach thing got my dehydrated, which triggered two yesterday. But I think I'm back on track (and much inspired to keep up with the liquids).

Must've been a really bad week for the healthy biorhythms!