Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Picture Day!


Chris said...

Cute chickens!

Why do your cats look so sweet while mine looks so demonic?!

RheLynn said...

Thanks ;o) You haven't seen them at four am. I promise you that, at times, they are rolling scraps of fur-and-teeth.

My method is -- take LOTS and LOTS of pictures! (post few) Plus, I use slow-shutter speed and no flash. They get really annoyed by the flash!

Rhiannon said...

I love the birds!! Did you say... Do you have a pattern. I know I looked at a link about them but don't remember seeing a pattern. They are quite cute.

I never get good pics of my cat. But then again I don't try very much as she drives me crazy!!

RheLynn said...

Rhiannon - Trout is a she? I don't remember you mentioning either way before.

I can scan in the chickens' patterns if you would like them. They are original hand-drawn pieces. They might require just a 'tiny' bit of fiddling with to get them exactly like the picture ;o)

I think the goose turned out wonky... but the chicken is how I imagined him to be! Tell me which one(s) you want, OK?

RheLynn said...

Rhiannon -- Or, if you would just like to see the book picture I got the idea from -- here is the link.

I sat down and drew out a pattern on plain paper while looking at the photo.