Monday, January 16, 2006

Tagged! - 'four things' and first art attempt

Wow, Chris tagged me! I haven't done this before, so .. here goes *thanks*!

Four Jobs you've had (just four?):
  1. Computer networking intern for Itasca County, MN
  2. Greenhouse/plot-assistant for U of M Experiment Station
  3. Michael's store associate/ordering/bookkeeper, Fargo, ND
  4. Webmistress and assistant-in-editing for a property-rights magazine, Hollow Rock, TN
Four movies you can watch over and over :
  1. Any Indiana Jones
  2. Any of the Back to the Future series
  3. The Princess Bride
  4. And yes, Amelie (I love that movie!)
Four places I've lived :
  1. Grand Rapids, MN
  2. on Amen Lake, MN
  3. Fargo, ND
  4. Paris, TN
Four TV shows you love to watch :
We don't get TV anymore, here in our little town, so... I'll join Chris and go with ones I once watched...
  1. CSI (the las vegas one)
  2. NOVA on PBS
  3. House
  4. Stargate SG-1 at 11 pm on Saturday night
Four authors I read :
  1. Andre Norton (I have 50+ of her books)
  2. Agatha Christie
  3. Piers Anthony
  4. Larry Niven
Four places I've been on vacation ... eep! Vacation?
  1. the Crooked and Chain lakes, MN
  2. Bighorn Mountains, WY
  3. Atlanta, GA (Fernbank museum)
  4. Paris, TN (before we moved here)
Four websites I visit daily :
  1. Google News (for work)
  2. Lots of Blogs!
  3. Yahoo Games Literati (most days)
Four of your Favourite Foods :
  1. Does coffee count? with cream?
  2. Cheese pizza with black olives and mushrooms
  3. Cream-cheese wontons from the Lucky Dragon (local shop)
  4. Fuji apples
Four places you would rathar be right now :
  1. My old drawing studio (with classical music playing)
  2. A yarn shop, oogling the wares
  3. In a private hot tub or lake
  4. At the library, with no time-limits.
Four bloggers to tag? hmm I'll tag Rhiannon, but she might have done this one already.

My first attempt for the Memphis showpiece :

Fanciful Stories, c. Marie Winger-Meyer 2006
"Fanciful Stories" 01/15/2006 MLWM
Waterproof ink on bristol.

Links :
I feel a link between Anna Marie Pavlik's work and my own - also a printmaker, and born in Minnesota.


Chris said...

You're welcome! :) I got kinda excited when I saw that you'd lived in Paris... until I saw the TN!

Princess Bride would be on my list, too.

RheLynn said...

heh! Agreed.. I haven't lived anywhere really interesting ;o) There is a really tall model of the Eiffel tower here though... its worth looking at once!

Some college engineering students built it, out of wood at first, then rebuilt it out of metal when the termites got to it!

Chris said...

Hee hee. Heck, it's better than Darwin, MN, known for having the world's largest ball of twine...

It doesn't look like you've lost any talent being on print hiatus!

RheLynn said...

Hmm.. maybe I should have stopped by the ball of twine on my Christmas vacation ;o) j/k Thanks for the art comment -- I need to make more, as I might have almost ruined this one though :o(