Monday, January 23, 2006

Little Gray Mouse

J and I found this little guy hiding out in the garage at our office. J carried him out on the handle of a hoe(alive of course!), then borrowed a camera and took a few pictures, while the mouse hid in the clover. I'm really glad our kittens (or other cats around here) didn't find him/her!

My comment : It's cute, as long as it isn't in the house,
and hasn't bitten anyone!

J's response to that : 'That's a pretty cute disease vector.'

EDIT : Our boss says the tail is too long to be a mouse, so it must be a shrew. The picture doesn't show the tail, but it's about 2 inches long. I guess shrews look different in Tennessee than in Minnesota. Our farm cat in MN used to bring us shrews, they were small, thin, with tiny eyes and had extremely pointy noses. Our specimen is pretty round for a shrew! Because it is 'round', and the fact that it didn't run like the wind when J picked it up on the hoe handle, made our boss say she(the mouse/shrew) was probably going to have little shrews (in the garage). What a funny thing ;o)

My personal opinion : Deer Mouse, they come in gray too ;o)


Chris said...

Do you think cute disease vectors are more effective than uncute disease vectors?

RheLynn said...

of course they are ;o) like tribbles! oh wait, those were just cute invasive species!

Unknown said...

Your drawings and photos are very cute!! Adorable animals!