Monday, January 09, 2006

Knitting Content

The beginning of my little knit cat for MoS. Size 1 dpns.

In my mind's eye...

Narrative Pattern (unfinished)
45 stitches cast on to size 1 dpn with KnitPicks Palette in Wood and Bark. Stripe diagonally for 4 rows, one row of Bark, tie off Bark. Increase across front shoulders to 55 stitches. Knit until piece measures 4.5 inches. Divide into two legs with stitch-holders (stripe legs ## stitches). Knit two striped 'arms' (## stitches) with white paws. Begin head with (## stitches), increase to (##) stitches after (##) rows, stitch for (#) inches, decrease evenly. Make little ears and sew on. Make hat, belt and sword out of felt. Knit or felt boots?

My girls' older sister, 'Mouse'. Can you see the resemblance? Mouse, however, is tail-less, like her father (a true Manx). Our boss owns Mouse and Newt, the mother of all three.

This is a great little giraffe softie from While She Naps. Some owls too. The urge to sew stuffed animals is almost too strong to bear. But we have painting and moving of office equipment to do. Another disk of CSI came from Netflix today.


Chris said...

Hi Mouse! Very lanky.

RheLynn said...

She does look lanky, but not because she doesn't eat. Our boss says our cats are spoiled. But then, what you don't see in this picture (cropped) are 10 Great Dane puppies that grew up thinking Mouse was a toy/babysitter.

Chris said...

I like your mental image of your Puss in Boots toy! Very cute.

Um, like what house cats aren't spoiled???? :) Oh wait - my cat isn't spoiled. Nosirree.

(Ok, I couldn't keep a straight face while I typed that.)