Saturday, January 07, 2006

Quilt Decisions

image by Marie Winger-Meyer
Willow passed out.

My first quilt is badly in need of repairs.

I made this quilt during the last two years of high school, almost (eep) 10 years ago now. The only real course of action, although I don't want to admit it just yet, is to recover it with a new work. The seams just won't hold up to many more washes.

There are so many small pretty pieces of fabric I will miss! Most of the fabrics were from childhood and family clothing.

As I attempted to make some repairs, (before I gave up) Willow tried to 'help' me with the thread. I kept telling her 'I don't need help from little paws!'... eventually she went to sleep wrapped up in part of the quilt. It was adorable but short-lived.

I went thrifting, but didn't find anything I could use immediately. My willpower is getting better -- as that means I didn't buy any fabric at all. (I think I learned my lesson when my fabric stash was destroyed in a basement flooding in Fargo.) I did buy some 1920's booklets of Geometry, Physics and Punctuation. I love old books in readable condition! Each of these were 50 cents.

I's birthday present is pinned together -- but I don't have a backing for it yet. Luckily, she doesn't read this blog ;o)

Links :
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cute cat zippercase
I think I posted these girl kitties before... maybe, but too cute.
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To round it off, some knit kitty dolls as well.

I know, photo recycling, but I couldn't resist


Chris said...

I love "Willow passed out"!

Chris said...

Re: comment you just left on my blog about Chaos. Hee hee - but we thought Chaos was a she for the first 10 weeks of his/her life. :) Because his brother was very obviously a boy and Chaos didn't look like that, so we assumed he was a girl. Imagine our surprise... :O

RheLynn said...

eep! Truly a surprise, and poor Chaos!

But.. he's got your heart now ;o)

Chris said...

Not that it did him any good (snip!).

Cute kitten picture!

RheLynn said...

Thanks ;o)

When they were this age, actually, we still thought Salamander was a boy - because she had a 'twin' that was known to be a boy. (She also fought with her siblings like a little demon)

Our boss told us she was a girl when there were only two kittens left in the litter. Miss-'I' took the dark grey girl (now named Happy-Cat) which left Salamander all alone :o(

We made a deal with our landlord to slip a second cat clause in our lease ;o)