Sunday, March 08, 2020

Peaches and peach daffodils

 Our peach-centered daffodils are looking more like orange - I am wondering if that is because they just opened?  The yellow ones have been open for weeks, but these are always late risers.

The peach trees are blossoming, as well - and the red globe variety was attracting a lot of bees.  I caught one of them sitting still enough to get the tiny details on its wings.  The larger pink blossoms are 'Loring' variety.

I took a look at the plum tree and it is not entirely dead - there are tiny bits of green here and there but it will be a while before I see any leaves from it, or buds, the same with the black cherry tree.

There are hyacinths and lambs ear showing, and I am hoping to have a few days this week to get out there in the sunshine and clear beds and put in some cold crops.  I've started some cabbage and tomato and pea seedlings inside, and am ready to plan what can be done this year.

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