Thursday, March 12, 2020


I planted the Wando peas today out by the pole garden fence, before the storm. I did not water them, and it was mostly wind and not rain - so I will have to bring a bucket out there tomorrow to water it down good.  The ground was a  bit cool to the touch, but some lukewarm water will help, and the air temperatures have been getting higher, which is good.  It was supposed to rain all day yesterday and today.. the ground was slightly wet, but not a lot.

The rose and the viburnum are starting to get new leaves.  The hollyhocks have come back up, as have the strawberries, the lemon balm and the lambs ear. 

I would like to dig out and plant the sorrel  - check ground temp info on that and I also don't want it to wash away as the seeds are so very small.  Green onions, and broccoli or kale, as well.  The thing growing in the garden leftover from last year has tiny little seeds on the top like I saw in the broccoli article... but it is a kale or something.

There was some asparagus today!  It is starting to come up.. and it is slightly purple?

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