Monday, March 30, 2020

Build a Mountain Tree Farm in Minecraft

Today we are investigating different ways to build a tree farm in Minecraft.  You would build a tree farm on an island, in the sky, or anywhere you would like a steady supply of wood.  And in the case of this farm - you get the bonus of getting lots of apples (if you're lucky).

This farm provides drops from the oak trees of wood, sticks, saplings and apples.

Oak trees are best for producing apples, but Spruce and Birch trees do drop them as well.

Remember to cut all of the wood away from the trunk and branches of each tree - and then the leaves will begin to disintegrate.  The saplings, apples and sticks will drop from the leaves to be gathered up on the ground.

This is the way my daughter likes to make her tree farms.  She puts a 6 by 6 square of dirt down, and plants a sapling in the middle of each 9 square.  I tried another one behind it of 8 by 8, to provide a bit more space for bigger trees to grow.  She says the 6 by 6 is the best for making sky tree farms.

I like two different ways of making tree farms.  Either, completely free form on a plain, planting them as I run - or to put them down in holes in the stone or gravel, like this.  I actually found that the 'holes' method produced grown trees much faster right beside the dirt squares shown above. 

I couldn't explain it - but the trees were popping up almost as fast as I could cut them down and replant them, compared to an entire day's worth with the other method.

H2oDragon says that it is probably playing off the fact that a large tree can spawn more readily than a small tree if the spaces immediately around it are blocked.

All comfy and cozy in our mountain home
I just wish we could make apple pie in Vanilla Minecraft!

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