Thursday, March 19, 2020


Post Office
When I was out on the route last week or so both my door handles broke - both of them! I was doing 'Dukes of Hazzard' for the last half hour of my route after the driver's side one froze up. The mechanic fixed them soon after. I just finished rebuilding the shelf for the mail trays, as it was too fragile. Tomorrow we'll get the stickers and the lights put on and the 'taco truck' (it is a tacoma) will be ready to roll for the mail Saturday and Tuesday, The mail still has to go through, so people can get the things that will keep them through these weeks!

I went out and planted some green onions today and broke up sod in three beds, clearing weeds and leaves.  The chickens got some more greens - they are very happy it is almost Spring

My empire now has five cities.  This is the one I started on the  14th.  Each city has crops and fishing, multiple houses with beds, furnaces and so forth.  There are two that will need sheep transported to them.  I am quite proud of the island nation city I built in the middle of four glaciers.  It was mostly sand and a little dirt - and I built a huge castle, three houses and a big crop field there with Spruce saplings that I imported and some seeds.  I brought 25 wool with me to that city from the original colony, too.  There are roads connecting every city except the island one, and it has a dock on both sides.

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