Tuesday, March 31, 2020


built this today (much harder than it looks!), it is a copy of a villager house from Minecraft 1.15.2.  I found it on a multiplayer server, and Esme told me it was part of the new update.  I took a screenshot of it and then tried to duplicate it in my Empire world.

I also went for a short walk in the sun (but it was quite cold), did some Welsh lessons, stared hard at my math but wasn't into it... so much laundry... made Esme's favorite chicken rice and eggs for dinner. She says we are having 'breakfast for dinner' so often now - but we're using our eggs while the chickens are laying them.

Now I'm watching Stargate SG-1 season 3 and knitting

a dandelion might be a 'weed', but this is a beautiful specimen, and the chickens really like them for dinner, too

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