Friday, August 23, 2013

still here...bits

Still here, trying to adjust to the schedule and taking it easy, I guess.  I haven't done much in ways of projects over the week... listened to music on Spotify, mostly Celtic rock, whaler drum rock and other strange mix things...  Seven Nations, The Mahones, Great Big Sea (my old favorite), the Elders, Greenland Whalefishers, Dreadnoughts (the celtic one, not the rap one)...  I guess I didn't know that really was my kind of music - have always listened to Classical and I know the instruments are part of it in that style... unique sounds, beats and rhythyms.  And I was reading and listening to more physics lectures, French lessons... not my usual rush around get stuff done that is 'real' ... brain stretching maybe.. my own way of relaxing?  I know my mom wants me to call her.. had dreams the other night.. my sister sent me an instant message today asking for my phone number again (which has not changed in many years)...

Esme is not really wanting to go ALL week with school every week.. but she is excited about the weekend and not having to go, play Minecraft, watch cartoons etc... we'll see where she is again on Sunday.  That is my next day off... I do have things to get done, clothes to sew, house to clean... sort of just stretching my brain rope out until I get there.

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