Tuesday, August 06, 2013

school bus

 Waiting for the school bus (in the wrong place)...

Running for the school bus on the side of the county road... she was nice enough to wait for us to speed up there in the car... but I should have followed my instincts first about where we should be.. and I didn't - because I didn't want to seem too anxious etc etc... instead we almost didn't get her on it at all.  Now of course my Mom worry is that she'll fall out of her seat on the first corner etc etc... but the rest of it I have to leave up to someone else and her own responsibility...

She's off to a real first day of Kindergarten.  So much, all at once.

quotes: 'When I see the bus that is 90 I will stay away from it.. when I see the bus that is 18 one and eight I will go on it and I will sit and say Hi Miss (name), I am Esme.  But not the bus that is 19.. or the 20, or the one hundred!  That is not it.' 

Sunflowers in the garden

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