Saturday, August 10, 2013

Tootbrush kingdom number two, flag, words and more...

 A rabbit, a 'master' in a chair, and an (supposed to be American) flag with stripes and a blue square.  Fairly good, considering.

A skeleton who has lost his skin.

A basketball hoop and a basketball (piece of wool on the ground)

Lots of things.. the brown square with a blue octopus on top of it is a giftwrapped package with an 'itchy sweater, pants and boots' inside it.  She has written her name, the word POP (end on but it is blue), and the word PET? backwards in green that is asking what is in the other brown box, (another rabbit).  She has been making birthday cakes, presents and lots of rainbow items.  The white thing was supposed to be a sandwich but the bread wasn't finished yet.

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