Tuesday, August 13, 2013

small note

Not that much done today, either - but something.  I finished the washcloth from last night, made Esme a pair of pants and started on a pillow for her room (since I didn't need any, but she obviously does, right?) ha.  She had a disagreement of rules and terms with her teacher today...and the teacher called to find out how we deal with the stubborn streak.  I do appreciate the teacher taking interest and consideration in that way.  Teachers words today : ' I can tell that she is a very smart girl - but there is that stubborn streak, as well.. and she was insistent that I was the one not listening to her (and not that she caused a problem to begin with etc..).  Yes, sounds like our girl... her skill in logic makes for a love of disagreement and picking apart of the rules at the same time. (I think I did exactly that thing when I was her age, too - so can't say this is all from Daddy.  I remember several exasperated teachers in the early years calling my mom and having words...not very nice ones.)  And with her language oddities and possible misunderstandings from them, it is exactly the kind of thing she needs to work on with other people who are not Mom and Dad. 

Back to work tomorrow... I need to make a few more pairs of pants as several 'good' ones now have holes in them and others are just plain missing.  We did her homework page and then for good measure I had her do more handwriting exercises on her lower-case 'e'..

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