Saturday, January 14, 2012

Happy birthday to Esme's Grandma and mad scientist tendencies

Happy birthday Irene! Sorry I have to work today, but hope you have a wonderful day and maybe a visit from a little girl who likes to see her Grandma and Grandpa.

//last day of six today, tomorrow off. I've been invited to a baby shower tomorrow but I highly doubt I will go. I have five more days on after that - and I really don't want to have to go anywhere as I'm wearing a little thin after this six!

Yesterday Esme took a chair from one part of the room, and a broken table from another part of the room and put them together in the middle of the floor. I had to do a double-take, because the chair under the broken table made it stand up straight again... she seemed proud of that and wandered off again. Later she set up a tea set for her horse figurines and playmobils - and gave the horse two blocks to stand on, because he has four feet.. and all of the people figures had one block to sit on.

I have had this idea for more than a year now that she is going to grow up to be a mad scientist! Or a mechanic, or maybe both. She just has this sense of spatial logic that is innate. She would balance huge towers and sometimes put things in there that had no sense being in block towers - a random horse toy or plastic egg used fully to its mass and inertia to balance a structural load just so. She would find one thing and dig all over the house to find a mate she remembered existed, or just 'something' she thought would go with it to complete an idea. Like a little Emmett Brown in her workshop. She would seem frustrated and then have a 'Eureka' type moment and go put two pieces together that seemed random - until she told you what she was thinking - and then it was some mixture between laughter and surprise. I remember the plastic fork at the bottom of the slide, placed tines toward the slide at an angle on a block. She then rolled a plastic come-apart Easter egg down the slide, into the fork and pretended that made the egg come apart, while pulling a duck toy out from behind her back and saying 'I crack an egg!' It makes the mind spin a little, but not in a bad way ;)

Her other activity lately is 'Chef' cooking us 'meals' in her toy cooking pans - cheese pizza seems to consist of cat figurines and footballs lightly stirred. 'Snow white pies' are a washcloth draped on top of a tupperware with water slowly poured into the tupperware from a 'porkchop with ketchup' toy bird. ?? I don't know why either, it just is!

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