Sunday, January 22, 2012

fabric buy and pretty heavy storms

I splurged the other day and sent away for some 'Lunch Box' yellow plaid fabric from Michael Miller, for a new jumper for Esme. Then, I added on a half yard of an organic cotton with yellow and black sheep on it - for a camp shirt :) That is my budget for a couple of months *yeep*. Now, we are also under tornado watch for the night, with some pretty heavy thunderstorm cells coming in all night. So, we are watching the radar. Mark will probably be sitting up for a little while after Esme and I are asleep. He says it looks like loud scary storms on the weather radar, a long diagonal 'red' line of severe activity that is near Memphis. I have to work very early again tomorrow... way too early for sanity.

Since the first evaluation I am convinced Esme knows what we were doing there - she has been listening to more new combinations and trying to take corrections. My main hope for this Wednesday evaluation is to find out where to direct her better and what we need to practice more on. Last night when I was tucking her in she noted I said 'We need to tuck Cookie Rabbit in so she'll be warm. Let's tuck her in.' And she said 'Cookie Rabbit, she, her?' That made me stop in my tracks... she's right. I sometimes call Cookie Rabbit a 'him' and sometimes a 'her'. I never mix my genders in the same sentence/thought, but I do not call her consistently one gender or another. It can't be easy at all for her when Mama changes things up like that without really thinking about it myself! So, I'm trying to watch my own language a bit more too.

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ElizabethEK said...

It is funny how sometimes we are so in sync. Just yesterday, I said a made up number combination (hard to explain -- I said eleventy) to Emily, and then after, Peter nicely had a discussion with me about how it was probably time to stop doing that (he is right).