Sunday, January 15, 2012

Blue jumper Sunday

I made this jumper last night, and she has worn it today. It is a little large yet, maybe even more than the brown one - I was slim on the internal seams on this one and that made it bigger. But, she grows and grows! We had to go to town with Grandma to get some groceries, but other than that it is a nice day at home. We found her a mama zebra for her baby zebra at the store today. She has introduced them to everyone in the toybox. At the very moment, she is watching Daddy play a car game, and I am contemplating baking and downloading more chemistry lectures.

She has been hard on her clothes lately, just as I have been telling people how much better they last on her than storebought! Loula puppy tore six holes in the skirt of her brown jumper and Esme herself tore the shoulder out of her green Christmas Lights dress by catching it on a fence. The red gingham dress has shredded ties and looks like a paint explosion happened nearby. That is three out of the most recent four put to the ultimate test! Oh well... girls will be girls and tomboys as well. Mark mentioned the way the puppy grabs hold of the jumper the past few days and got drug around the room he is surprised the seams were holding and the skirt wasn't in rags. I have sewn little patchy patches about 2 inch square all over the jumper skirt to get a few more wash and wears out of it - but it looks like Mama will be in a sewing mode of mind during my next days off. Tomorrow I start five on again until I get two off.

For homeschool we have been slim lately - after all she is four and I work forty hours a week. We have read some books, spelled some words on and off the computer and she is remembering more even when the letters are not in front of her.

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