Monday, January 02, 2012


I've been working on a shrug type sweater out of my Christmas yarn, and it is very wearable, super warm, and supposedly washable. I've ordered a few books from online for Esme, dinosaur level 1 and 2 readers and a laminated labelled anatomy chart that shows the names of the bones and muscles. Esme and I have been talking more about different 'natural science' things, mostly 'how things work' type explanations. The other day while I was cleaning we had a talk about rain, water, floods, faucets and drains. I told her about the day in Fargo when it flooded and I had to drive my truck across town with the rain up to the windows - and how the truck stopped, and I had to be picked up by another truck and taken to the other side of town. She really thought I was 'being pretend' about that - but I told her it was for real long time ago and that I had to sleep on the floor at a place all night until the water went down and someone could bring me home again. She has been really enjoying her Cat in the Hat 'inside your outside' book and we have been talking about blood and how it carries air from the lungs, food from the stomach and etc etc... She is very interested in many parts of that book! I am hoping to win another one of her level one 'dick and jane' readers. I've been talking with several people I know trying to find out more about the local education system and how and when to do the homeschool registration.

notes to self:
more dry erase markers - they were on clearance at L
look for a tote about 18x24 minimum, 18-24 inches tall with a locking lid. Would like to find one of these to put her specifically lighter and smaller 'homeschool' books and items in so they do not get scattered and potentially ruined. The heavier hardbacks could stay on the place I have for them on the shelf - but as I gather these 'Level one' readers and other small books she will need somewhere to keep them separate and special.

ordered today: 'Meet the Dinosaurs', and 'Dinosaur Babies', both from Nana's gift certificate

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