Thursday, January 26, 2012

beginning Thursday

I am still being tested by Esme's attitude today. She is being obstinate and upset when things and the order in which they are done, are not under her control. She is pretending to be sick, and to be dead, and then races after you across the house when that is ignored. She is being four. And Mama is just tired :( I would like my days off to be spent doing things we like and have fun at - not a constant power struggle all day trying to fend off growls and crying and 40 lb masses stolid on my kitchen carpet.

We are considering bringing her to the library today - and I did fix her Starfall computer which has been broken for months and placed it back on her desk. And still - I am met with howls and bad attitude.


ElizabethEK said...

I am with you in spirit on ALL of this. On days that I work (generally M-F), I generally only see Emily for an hour or two before she goes to bed. It saddens me that some of this time is "wasted" by fits like this.

RheLynn said...

Yes, it feels awful sometimes (most times, for me) to be the working mama that barely ever gets to see them :(

We're back from the library now and she has had a much better mood since I wrote this. She ate a bowl of cereal, got ready to go - and played nicely with only a little crying when we left the library. Then she got a bag of french fries and a grape soda at the butcher shop. Once we were home she has painted and watched Scooby Doo in a much happier mood.

I sincerely hope the rest of the night turns out decent.

RheLynn said...

And I will add, I am SO glad and thankful to have you here in spirit, as you say...if that was not already apparent!