Tuesday, January 03, 2012

a tea party for scooby doo and frog

hug her scooby doo

peering at our aloe vera plant that is definitely a 'mosnter'

tea party
she served them 'tea' and 'apples' and 'cake'
but told the baby kangaroo (not pictured)
he had to be quiet and go back to his mom

standing in one of her toy buckets
she had put all her stuffed animals in it and was
being the 'cereal' to their 'milk.'

Grandpa is going into the hospital again for a checkup - I hope they can help him out. We were on the fence today if a visit would be too much for him. Esme was running a little wild right up until she settled down with a 'tea party' for her animals and I took some pictures. She has also needed constant reminders today so I am not changing pants every hour... I think that is an inattention 'busy' and/or a want attention ploy. I've been working and sometimes she does things like this (or throw a massive fit over small things) as soon as I get home from work in protest. It's being four.

She is looking so tall and grown up sometimes... guess when the light hits her just right. She is about 42 inches tall. I haven't weighed her in a while, but her ribs don't show unless she sticks her arms straight up - so that is my gauge. She takes her turns eating like a horse one day and then drinking more another day etc etc... she eats pretty well compared to most children her age. Her cheeks are very pink at times, too. It reminds me of some painting of a child from the Victorian Era... or a description from 'the Secret Garden'...

She talks constantly now - makes sense most of the time. Sometimes, she makes weird sense still, like 'power went off' about things that are not acting as expected, but aren't electric at all. It makes sense if you think about it just so.

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What a cute fabric for the dress Esme is wearing! She looks gorgeous. Mila's hair is long like that but sadly gonna have to have it cut a bit as it is thick and wavy and full of knots and she hardly lets me get near her with a hairbrush! wish there was a miracle detangler product for 4 year olds...x