Thursday, January 05, 2012

4 years old stick figure drawing

The circles in the upper right corner are mine, but the rest is hers

Esme drew this tonight after our math lesson, which included a lot of counting on fingers, counting groups of pennies and dots, saying the names for numerals, matching numerals to the amount of dots on different butterflies wings etc... She liked the lesson a lot. Then she began to draw dots - and turned it into a person. She said it was Mama, and it was Mama's neck and fingers and feet and toes. She worked hard to put five fingers on the one hand - but didn't have enough room and was getting frustrated by that on the other side. The biggest semi-circle is not the face/chin it is actually her mouth. She put a dot above the mouth saying it was where the neck was starting.... and then drew the lines underneath as 'neck and feet.' I was happy she extended the lesson with her own ideas!

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