Wednesday, January 05, 2011

little jobs and dress notes

I've been doing some of the little jobs at my workstation and not anything big - finishing the gloves, tying in ends on scarves and dishcloths, putting a drawstring in a pair of pants.. etc etc. It's those little jobs that always get set aside and I keep reminding myself to do them over and over again.

I really do need to get into the next dress for Esme - maybe this weekend. I bought the dirndl patterns (with the gathered waist and sleeves) just before Christmas and I have red fabric set aside for it. Other patterns I liked...

These are like the last one I made for Esme. She still loves the Osaka dress and will even run to me to get the ties redone when Nova unties them. It still fits her quite well even when she is so active running around the house. I would like the waist to be lower so it does not look as 'formal.'

A few more photos of her with her dollhouse and furniture. I think they really show off the dress and the last one she has a very certain 'hmm' look as she looks over her shoulder at the dogs by the door.

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