Thursday, January 27, 2011

Getting off the fever and back in the grind

This picture is mostly to show how long her hair has gotten in the past few months. It is nearly as long as Daddy's, now... compared to her height! I continue to hack mine off just below shoulder level now and then, for practicality (I say), out of silliness (Daddy says). These red pants were the last item I've actually made on the sewing machine, which was quite a while ago now for me - more than a week!

Right now I'm coming off of three days of near 100 degree temperature, alternatively freezing and roasting in my own skin. I am very loathe to take any sort of medication if the only main symptom is midgrade fever -- just keep hydrated and try to sleep as much as possible and if the fever gets too high then try a fever reducer after that. If I could record what goes through my dreams when I have a fever - we would have some awesome movies to show. Now, it has finally passed.. with just some sinus issues outlasting. So again I am left with an actual day off to look around the house and wonder what to do. I'm still not terribly 'perky' but at least I'm up and doing things like laundry, putting away some toys and sorting through my projects.

I have done a little knitting but nothing to show off yet, maybe in another week. I knew the fever had gotten bad when I couldn't even knit more than a few rows of stockinette before needing to sleep again -- so I did.. when I could and when there weren't little feet poking my back and little hands trying to force my arms off the bed etc.

I could play at my sewing table and make another dirndl or Cinderella type dress -- both of which were worn the past few days by Esme. I have a lovely piece of red heavy upholstery cotton bought over a year ago for cheap - about three yards. It started out stiff and scratchy but has been washed many times and wandered about the house being a blanket, a chair cover - and was a sort of cloak yesterday when I went out with it yet again from the laundry room. I think it would make a wonderful 3/4 length hooded cloak for myself - without too much alteration from the form it is in right now, actually. I'm just not sure if I have the confidence to cut into it without a set pattern.

I've been playing this maze game with Esme, her playmobil toys and the small blocks Grandma gave us for Christmas. Esme has a lot of fun with these 'mazes' and 'hiding' and 'rescues'.

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