Saturday, January 01, 2011

The Fishie ate the dog

I was feeling the blues some, as it is a very slow time at work and we get sent home some days. I'm having a harder than usual time even enjoying making crafts and cooking at home, so it is probably a seasonal thing with the weather being up and down? Really trying to get out of it.

I really can't afford to be sent home from work, either. I would LIKE to go home when there isn't much to do, but it hurts the pocketbook. I usually try to avoid the management and stay busy in the back of my department... and then sometimes they put it to the entire department and tell us to decide which one goes home. Today, that is what happened. I was in a bad mood anyway because Esme has been more obstinate this week than her usual self. I feel she would do better with more Mommy time. I can see the difference when I haven't been up to making creative things for us - a lot of 'no' and grumpiness from her just because that is what she is getting from me. And to boot, Mark has a sinus headache/cold. I know an obstinate toddler is just icing on top of that *ha*.

I got out of the blues a little by drawing, then playing toys with Esme after she took a pencil to my drawing and added her own details. Everything will work out... just need to get over the hump this week.

The fish ate the dog. Oh no! Bad fish. The dog got out and ran away. Run Dog! Then the fish ate lettuce. Good fish.

I asked Esme what color her fish was, and she said 'no color' - it wasn't red or blue or pink or black - it was no color. I asked her if the fish was white, and she said 'yes'. This was all before I drew the picture, when the fish was entirely pretend and oh no eating the little yellow dog toy we have.

So I may need to make a stuffed fish with a large open mouth that can eat small pigs and dogs. (she had a story a long time back where a baby pig got eaten by a big fish in the bathtub).

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