Tuesday, January 04, 2011

little bits and pieces

I laugh myself when I hear Esme wake up in the middle of the night and start laughing at something she was dreaming about, then hug her pillow and go back to sleep. It is just so beautiful. Once in a while I know exactly what it was she was dreaming about - she says a word, or the laugh is just like something that happened today (when the kid lost all his 'quarters' (change) on the floor at the store and she laughed at him etc..) She also wakes up halfway and cries out for me once in a while, 'mumum give hand I fall down!' etc. And she will have one leg out of her bed and can't get it back because the blanket is twisted etc... I want to remember that when she is older. She is usually not even fully awake - and I doubt she remembers it the next morning, either.

I found it quite cool today when she was playing with a little bed out of the dollhouse. It has a trundle drawer that comes out with a switch on the pillow, but the catch on the drawer only works if it is pressed in really hard or from both ends at once. I showed Esme that the drawer had two little 'dots' on it spaced apart from each other, and to put her thumb and forefinger one on each dot when she pushed it in and she wouldn't be struggling with it not closing for her(I can't pull - Mumum do). It did not take very long before she understood what I meant (every time I did it the drawer stayed in easily.. while she has to fight it). I thought the idea of pushing two places at once on the drawer might be too detailed for her right now - but she tried pushing one, then the other - then both at the same time and it worked. She was slightly impressed, but then tried not to show it and went off to sit in her bucket with the toy :)

She also caught her kitten today and brought her upstairs to Daddy to 'throw outside - no poop in the house - bad kitten!' She got all 'benevolent dictator' after seeing me clean something up. She asked me to get the kitten and throw her out. She was insistent about it. I told her I couldn't catch the kitty but maybe she could. She did. And then she brought her to Daddy and he opened the front door for her. When she saw the kitten asking to come in a few minutes later she told her again that she was a bad kitty, but a funny kitty, and she would need to stay outside. Then she wouldn't eat her pieces of chicken on her plate because she said they looked like kitty poop. *roll eyes*

In other news: I have the second glove down to knitting the fingers, and have made a few other odd items. I've shrunk the fish pattern down, but it was TOO small - so need to make it a little bigger than that. I have all these thoughts that run through my head when I am waking up - things to make, fabric patterns I'd love to have printed... I really need to work more on a book to publish with all of my toy patterns in it and other little crafts/excerpts.

Working on making a few more fabric designs but haven't printed any of them out yet. They are 5.00 per swatch, or 20.00 for 12 swatches (35 for 24) if ordered at once. I'm stuck between a few designs, but ending up with some good ones. I might just save all of the designs for a few more months and order the lot. After they are swatched they can be put up for sale on the 'print-on-demand' site, and if anyone else wants to buy them I would get ten percent of the sales. Pretty cool!

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